About Ale people


This Website is about the Ale nationality culture and language. Ethiopia is a home of multiple number of nationalities endowed with diversely rich, fascinating and unique culture of their own. The Ale nationality is one of the members of more than fifty-six nationalities residing in the Southern Nation Nationalities and Peoples Regional State. Since 1987 following a new administrative division in the region, members of the ethnic group have been living in seven kebele farmers’ associations in Konso special Woreda and ten kebele farmers’ associations in Derashe special Woreda. The seven kebele farmers’ associations under Konso special woreda were called ‘Gawwada’ and the ten kebele formers’ associations under Derashe were called ‘Dobase’. Ale is a common name representing the seventeen kebele farmers’ associations. The name has been chosen by the people themselves and means in Ale language ‘together’ or it refers to the highland climate.

According to official letter dated 28/01/2010, ref. No. 22/000231/3545, the Ale nationality has formed its own administrative Woreda as “Ale Woreda”. 

The Ale settle on both highland and lowland bordering Ts’amay to the west and south west, Konso to the south and east, and Derashe to the north and north east.

This is the approximate location on the google map. The area of Ale woreda is 103,892km2 and its population is 68,600 as to 2007 CSA. Now, accordingto SAPZ, the populaion was estimated to be 85,137. 

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